About Us


Liverpool Day Surgery is certified to ISO 9001 : 2008 and is fully licensed by the NSW Department of Health. We are also proud members of the Australian Day Hospital Association and the Australian Private Hospitals Association.


The building that Liverpool Day Surgery (LDS) occupies was originally built as a small shopping Centre comprising of eight shops and four residential units on the first floor.

Throughout 1990/91, extensive consultation with the NSW Health Department and NSW Fire Brigade was undertaken and the internal ground floor shops were opened up and converted to a purpose built Day Surgery Centre. The original fit out consisted of three surgical class operating theatres, a 12 bed 1st stage recovery and 8 chair 2nd stage recovery with appropriate support areas – (admissions/staff facilities/store rooms/CSSD etc).

The Day Surgery opened in 1991 to very slow beginnings consisting mainly of Endoscopic procedures with one direct vision Gastroscope and Colonoscope and the employment of six casual members of staff.

Interest from other specialists encouraged the management to further invest and expand over time into the areas of; Gynaecology, General Surgery, Dental and Plastics.
A minor external face lift was carried out in 1995 to change the front of the building to project a professional image in lieu of its former retail image.

The Day Surgery was formally accredited with the ACHS in 1996 and has maintained it’s full accreditation status ever since underpinned by a committed dedication from all staff and management.

Steady progress between 2000-2004 facilitated a $2.5m refurbishment and expansion including an additional operating theatre, purpose built 23 bed first stage recovery, 12 recliner chair 2nd stage recovery, brand new CSSD and full refurbishment of all other areas to reflect a modern day facility. The end result of that expansion/refurbishment was a superbly laid out and functional day operating facility covering approximately 1000 square meters all at ground floor level with off street parking for 50 cars.

A lift was also installed to facilitate access to the first floor which was completely gutted and expanded to triple its floor space to create a state of the art Specialist Medical Consulting Centre including X-Ray and Pathology.

Further expansion and investment of specialties followed the refurbishment to include; Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Pain Management, Hand Surgery and IVF. All four operating theatres now have digital imaging equipment and capture facilities. Recent upgrading of the endoscopy facilities now supports 14 video endoscopes – a far cry from its humble beginnings.

Ongoing education now includes an Education Co-ordinator who actively supports clinical nurse placements for students completing their training.

The Day Surgery now employs some 40 nursing positions and has approximately 6000 admissions per year. This privately owned and managed Day Surgery owes it’s success to not only the wisdom and foresight of it’s (management) owners, but also it’s much appreciated, long serving staff, today 50% of whom have been employed in excess of 10 years. The Day Surgery is managed by the Chief Executive Officer (Tony Geftakis) and an effective Director of Nursing (Debbie Hayes) who enjoy the support, respect and trust of both nursing and administration personnel.