Medical Advisory Committee

Liverpool Day Surgery’s Medical Advisory Committee meets formally twice per year in accordance with the Day Procedures Centres Regulations 1996. The role of the committee is to advise on the appointment of Visiting Medical officers, review medical procedures and standing orders, and to facilitate communication between the CEO and health professionals.

Medical Advisory Committee Membership as of January 2020

Dr David Abi-Hanna

Deputy Chair:
Dr Georgiana Tang


Dr Milan Bassan

Dr Daniel Michael

Dr Sam Cavallaro

Debbie Hayes (Director Of Nursing)

Tony Geftakis (CEO)

Tanya Bennett (Quality Co-Ordinator)

Peter Geftakis (Administrator)

Members and the chairman are elected to the committee at the Annual General Meeting.
For more information about our Medical Advisory Committee, please contact the hospital’s Administrator on 9601-4488 or email