5 ways to protect your joints from the cold this season

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Our joints are one of the first things to suffer when it comes to the cold weather; maintaining flexibility to these joints during the colder months is difficult as we tend to move around less often. Yet it is ever more important to keep moving in the cold, as we are less likely to injure ourselves if we are to do so. One of the key things we can do for our joints is to stretch, not just stretching before and after exercise, but as part of a daily routine.

By including a daily dose of stretching in the colder months, we can ensure continued flexibility and protection of our joints throughout the day.

See the following five steps to help our joints maintain flexibility.
1.    Don’t stretch past your threshold. Ensure you stay within a range that is comfortable for you. You will eventually be able to stretch further with daily practice
2.    Hold your stretches between 15-30seconds
3.    Do each stretch at least twice over
4.    Change up your routine; don’t do the same thing every day as your body will get used to it and therefore no longer as effective
5.    Stretch in the morning as it also wakes you up

If you are not a regular exerciser it is still important to do daily stretches as it ensures that you are still getting movement to your joints. The less we move around the more stiff we become. What protects our joints is warm blood circulating our joints, so when our joints are in pain it is because there is not movement occurring. Taking part in a 5-10min stretching routine will see you in less pain and more comfortable for years to come.

If you would like further information concerning your joints, contact the team at LDS on 9601 4488.