COVID-19 Information for Patients and Carers

20 March, 2020

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 can potentially cause a severe respiratory illness. It appears to be highly contagious and the number of cases are increasing daily with transmission and case numbers still unclear. The situation is rapidly evolving and our facility is doing its utmost to keep reviewing all updates and changing policies as required.

Liverpool Day Surgery commenced COVID-19 specific screening of patients prior to their procedure on Monday 3rd February. We have continued to update this screening tool as the changes were implemented by NSW Health and the Commonwealth.

On Monday 16th March, with the assistance of Dr Milan Bassan (Acting Director of Endoscopy Liverpool Hospital) and the endorsement of our own Medical Advisory Committee, we activated our COVID-19 action plan. This plan outlines strategies to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to/between patients, visitors, staff and Doctors to ensure as little disruption as possible to all services. It must be noted that this is a rapidly changing situation and our policy and procedures are likely to change as new information becomes available. This policy has been developed in line with the fact that all procedures at Liverpool Day Surgery are elective and will not affect patient outcomes if delayed.

All patients will receive a COVID-19 screening call 3 days before their procedure to ensure that it is safe for them to go ahead with their procedure.

A second screening for COVID-19 will take place the day before the procedure either when you call for your admission time or we will contact you. At this time we will confirm that there has been no changes to your circumstances and that it is safe for your procedure to go ahead.

As part of our efforts to minimize the risk factors of the coronavirus, we are limiting access to the facility to essential people only. All essential visitors to the facility will also be screened and we will be discouraging patient’s escorts/carers from remaining in the facility.

We take the safety, health and wellbeing of our patients, staff, doctors and all visitors very seriously. It is our highest priority to carefully monitor all changes and developments on a daily basis and implement changes as required.

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