Associate Professor Matthew Morgan

Colorectal Surgeon

Associate Professor Matthew Morgan’s major specialist interest is minimally invasive Dr Matthew Morgansurgery for patients with colorectal conditions, requiring bowel resection for colon & rectal cancer, also diverticular disease.

Since 2000 he has worked with patients with complex endometriosis involving the bowel (colon or rectum) in conjunction with Gynaecologists experienced in dealing with patients with this complex problem. He is a strong advocate for a minimally invasive approach, including those patients who require a bowel resection as part of their treatment for endometriosis-related pain or infertility.

At Liverpool Day Surgery, Dr Morgan performs Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy with a selected number of therapeutic procedures, such as polypectomy and banding of haemorrhoids, also day stay surgical procedures.

All appointments and enquiries can be made by calling 9821-1661

Address: Suite 12, Library Plaza
170 George Street
Liverpool NSW 2170

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