August 2018 Tradies National Health Month

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

August is time to think of the contribution our hands-on heroes, our tradies make! Tradies make up 30% of our workforce. Over the years, and many preventable injuries, awareness has grown in promoting and improving the health and wellbeing of tradespeople.

Injuries to tradespeople even if they are not extensive or life-threatening, can have serious ramifications for not only their income, it can affect immediate family and the broader community as well.

Safety in the workplace is just as vital for a tradesperson as a person in other industries and professions. Tradespeople make up 3 in 5 serious injuries in the workplace.

Changing the stoic and silent mindset of some tradespeople has taken time and this has evolved positively. Avoiding workplace injuries makes financial sense and ensures productivity continues as well as job security as well.

What can be done before your day begins?

Stay warm and stretch! Gentle stretches before the start of your day on site can minimise muscular niggles or prevent them altogether. Speaking to your manager or boss about getting some tips and health tricks from physiotherapist can be the ultimate way to prevent an injury before it happens!

Although an employer is responsible for workplace health and safety, employees that are aware and take care of themselves physically can do their bit to promote a proactive and safe mentality amongst their colleagues.

Aussie tradies make up 30 percent of the Australian workforce, accounting for a staggering 58 percent of serious worker’s compensation claims (statistics from Safe Work Australia).

What Else Can You Do?

Put on a Physio Breakfast on site! They can:

* provide safe manual handling tips
* demonstrate safe stretches for injury prevention and management techniques that can be incorporated into your crew’s daily routine
* raise awareness and knowledge about workplace safety and injury prevention
* check your workplace for risks and health hazards
* seeing a physiotherapist for health conditions such as diabetes management, cardiovascular disease and even pelvic concerns.

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