Being MedicineWise this October

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Being MedicineWise this October!

Be MedicineWise occurs between the 12th and 18th October. The biggest aim is to increase our awareness about the use of medicine and how it can be used responsibly during our lifetime.

Regardless of the stage of life we are in, medication plays an important role in either our recovery from ailments or in managing on going conditions.

Unless we have chronic conditions to keep under control, many of us may only require medication for a very brief time. Nonetheless, it is vital that we are aware of any possible side effects and make a point of adhering to the correct dosage.

Managing dosages of various medications may require different approaches depending on the type of condition diagnosed and the duration that the medication is taken for.

Another critical factor is the stage of life we are in. Children as opposed to the elderly may require a different approach to manage ailments however temporary.

Children need careful supervision to ensure that medication is used and administered safely. Parents or other adults need to be attentive to any changes in a child’s condition, and if it is deemed necessary by a GP adjusted accordingly.

As we age we may need to take a number of medications to manage pain or reduce the severity of certain conditions. As the likelihood of side effects may increase, discussing a suitable plan to manage interactions between medications is crucial to maintaining health.

Some important points to Be MedicineWise this October:

If your symptoms change in severity or if side effects occur, contact a health care professional or your GP.

Check out the NPS website below for more information and Be MedicineWise this October.