Bowel Cancer Awareness June 2019

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Is it time to get clear about facts regarding your rear?  June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in Australia.  This kind of cancer takes second place in taking lives. According to the statistics, 103 Australians pass away every week because of Bowel Cancer.  As daunting as this is, it is also one of the most treatable cancers as well.

Although age can be a factor that is only part of the challenge, as men and women young and old are increasingly being diagnosed with this condition. Looking more closely at lifestyle and diet is one way to prevent the disease.  
People that are leading increasingly sedentary lives are increasing their risk factor and if they are prone to smoking or are overweight, this can add to their likelihood of becoming a statistic.

Did you know that with early detection, almost 90% of bowel cancer cases are successfully treated.  

Bowel cancer (colorectal cancer) affects any part of the colon or rectum and most often begins as benign polyps located on the wall or lining of the bowel.  If the polyps become malignant and remain undetected, then cancer can develop and metastasize to other organs.

What to look out for:
Stools with blood or rectal bleeding

Incomplete emptying after a bowel movement

Abdominal pain or swelling

Unexplained Anaemia.

What Can You Do?

Speak to your GP or Pharmacist and order a bowel screening test kit that can be done in the privacy of your home.  The FIT test Faecal Immunochemical Test detects small amounts of blood in the stool which is not visible to the eye.  These small amounts of blood can detect early signs of cancerous polyps and lead to preventative measures that can stop the cancer from progressing.

Need to know more about the FIT test or how you can raise awareness about Bowel Cancer and help with research?  Contact 1800 55 494 or order your test kit online.

If you notice any of the symptoms please consult your GP.