Dry July 2018 Why Not Give it a Try?

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

In Australia, in July just over 11,500 people are diagnosed with some form of cancer. As life-changing as this is for many, Dry July has a different and much-needed approach toward the care of cancer patients.

Dry July began when three friends, Brett, Kenny, and Phil banded together and simply decided to cut out drinking for a whole month! They also wanted to use the time to raise money for a family member affected with cancer, hoping initially to get to $3000. They were able to surpass this figure and ended up raising $250,000 due to the support of Adam Spencer.

Dry July has been a spectacular success since it began in 2008 and over 130,000 intrepid Australians have taken up the Dry July challenge and have raised $30 million dollars. Impressively, over 75 cancer organisations around Australia have received funding due to Dry July!

How do people with cancer benefit from Dry July?

Dry July specifically focuses on improving the well being of those with cancer, making them comfortable in practical ways. Some of the funding projects include:

Transport services
Accommodation projects
Comfort items
Wellness programs
Hospital furnishings

A month without alcohol can deliver more than just a great feeling as you and your friends’ fundraise! Why not use that month to notice or make changes to your diet and kick-start some exercise too? Some of the health benefits from 5 weeks without alcohol may include:

Improvement in sleep quality
Weight loss
Decrease in cholesterol
Lower blood glucose
A decrease in liver fat levels

Get Involved In Four easy steps:

Sign up for the challenge
go booze-free in July
Ask friends and family to sponsor you
Help people affected by cancer

Are you and some friends up for the challenge? Get involved today and make a difference in July to people affected by cancer!

Please Note: If your intake of alcohol is above the moderate range, please consult your GP before you participate in this challenge.

Check the link below for more information!