Give Dry July a Try!

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

July 2008… Three (brilliant) men walked into a bar… These friends called Kenny, Phil and Brett thought it would be a good idea to not drink for a month.  They did this in July and along with this they also raised money for cancer.  In their first attempt, their aim was to raise $3000 to donate a TV to their local hospital.  The response was phenomenal!  Due to Adam Spencer’s mention, the 3 friends raised $250,000.

Since then friends and family all around Australia have signed up for Dry July to raise money for people dealing with cancer.  Cancer affects the lives of many people and all families have been impacted not only by challenges it presents, they are also positively affected by the input of carers and services as well.

Where will your donated money end up?

Donated money will be sent to people that can provide the following services:

What are the health benefits of taking part in Dry July?
Your brain will reward you with better concentration, an increase in wakefulness and improved sense of wakefulness too!  Not only that, you could also lose weight, decrease your cholesterol levels and lower blood glucose! 

Your skin will thank you as well as it starts to feel more hydrated and you can cut 400 calories a day (men) and 300 calories a day for women.
Need a few tips on how to get Dry in July?  You can ask your bosses to dollar match, of why not go public and use social media to spread the word? 

If you and your team of Dry-sters are visual, display a poster ‘Tick Off Poster’ showing your progress!For more ideas on taking part or donating to a great cause, please click on the link.

If you are concerned about your intake of alcohol or what changes to your intake of alcohol may mean for your health please speak to a GP before taking part in any Dry July activity