January 2019 SunSmarts for Summer

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Summer in January is a month where most of us do our best to balance time in the great outdoors and make sure we are not sunburnt!

Although we are often reminded about the dangers of sun damage, we can still get complacent about protecting ourselves from overexposure to powerful UV rays and the sun.

Being aware of UV radiation and having access to UV indexes can assist us in working out what type of activity we undertake and when. Generally, if the UV index is above 3, then we need to take greater care in the sun.

Skin cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia. What can you do about this so we don’t become a statistic? Take charge and check! You can use a full length mirror and ask a friend or partner to assist you in checking areas such as your scalp, not forgetting your feet, between fingers and under nails too.

By far the most prevalent and virulent form of skin cancer would be the melanoma. What makes it so formidable?

As confronting as a melanoma diagnosis can be, early detection is critical in giving you the best chance to treat and beat this form of cancer.

How do you become SunSmarter this Summer?

Water resistant SPF 50 sunscreen! Especially if you are applying sunscreen on children or the elderly! Remember to apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go outdoors.

Choose clothing such as a collared shirt or something with long sleeves. Some fabrics have a UV protection guarantee.

Other key factors to think about is to make sure you hydrate and drink a lot of water, wear a broad-rimmed hat and choose shade if it is nearby!

For more information about UV indexes and SunSmart information click on the link below

Bureau of Meteorology website: