LDS Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

With Christmas getting closer, we are busy counting down before the holidays! As we wind down we often wind up with so much to organise and for those that exchange gifts, a list of presents to buy.

Spiritually, we get to reflect upon the meaning of Christmas as a time of sacrifice and love from Jesus Christ as well as a celebration of his nativity.

Although there are various ways to celebrate the festive season, making time to balance time with family and relaxing can be a challenge with many demands on our time.

Here are some holistic tips from LDS to help you and your families enjoy the festive season in 2016:

Prepare. If you are hosting family and friends with lunch or dinner, save time preparing what you can before hand. This gives you time to circulate amongst your guests!

Plan ahead. Avoid the Christmas shopping rush! Buy a couple of spare generic presents just in case! If you’re travelling to see friends or family, planning time can save you from extra time on the road!

Travel safely. If you are driving for more than 2 hours, plan rest stops and give yourself and especially children 10-15 minutes to move around and maybe set up rewards or treats for calm behaviour if children are under 10.

Time outdoors. If you are having picnics, or spending time near a pool or at the beach, remember to hydrate in-between alcoholic drinks and ensure you wear sunscreen and a hat.

Want your Christmas ripple effect to touch those you don’t know? Donate to a charity! Use time between the school holidays and Christmas to de-clutter and deliver any items that you and your family don’t use to your nearest charity.

Last but not least, all of the dedicated team at LDS would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe, relaxing and prosperous 2017.