Approximately 30 minutes after your procedure and once your observations are stable and you are alert you will be offered light refreshments. After this your cannula will be removed and you will then be transferred to 2nd stage recovery where you will wait to see your specialist and for your escort to collect you.

If your procedure involves sedation or general anaesthetic you must arrange for a responsible adult to pick you up and stay with you for at least 24 hours following discharge. You will be advised that after a General Anaesthetic or Sedation you should not drive or operate machinery, sign important documents or make important decisions for at least 24 hours following discharge.

It is the policy of Liverpool Day Surgery that you are not permitted to catch public transport home after your procedure, this includes taxi’s and Veterans Affairs drivers. This policy is for the safety of our patients and has been fully endorsed by our Medical Advisory Committee and Governing Body.

To be ready for discharge patients need to meet the following criteria:

• Be alert and orientated
• Tolerate fluids
• Have a responsible adult to take them home, and care for them at home
• Have clear written post procedure instructions/education, post procedure care if applicable, and details of who to contact in an emergency
• Have a follow up appointment made, if appropriate.

Once your escort arrives at the day surgery to collect you, the recovery nurse will go through the Discharge Instructions with them. If you have any questions our recovery nurses will be able to assist you.

On discharge we will ask you to complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey, this may also be done on our website. The information gathered from the survey is very important to us and can be compliments, constructive criticism or suggestions. All feed back is welcomed and valued as it helps us to improve our level of service to patients and carers.

Following your procedure you will receive a post operative phone call from one of our nurse to enquire about your recovery.