IVF – The Art Process

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Gynaecology / IVF services are available at Liverpool Day Surgery.

Dr Tang is one of the first in Australia to move to the routine use of the new Mild Ovarian Stimulation approach in IVF treatment. The aim of MOS therapy is to help women get pregnant sooner while minimising side effects.

The nature of this approach has several advantages, which include:

•    Less drugs required, 8-10 days rather than 40 daysIVF 1
•    Less side effects
•    Less emotional drain
•    None or fewer blood tests
•    Less IVF clinic visits
•    Less embryo transfers per baby
•    Same number of babies per cycle as a traditional IVF cycle
•    Less expensive

MOS is a state-of-the-art procedure providing a safer, less demanding and more cost-effective alternative to conventional IVF where high doses of fertility hormones are applied to generate as many eggs for collection as possible. Unlike traditional IVF where as many eggs are retrieved in the initial treatment phase as possible MOS involves the retrieval of fewer developing eggs but ones of a higher quality. This approach reduces the need for high doses of fertility hormones and in turn decreases potential risks to the patient.
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